Hearst Castle 12-16-01
Heidi Daley

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Ceiling 1 Christmas Tree Decorations 1
Ceiling 1.jpg Christmas Tree.jpg Decorations 1.jpg
Decorations 2 Decorations 3 Decorations 4
Decorations 2.jpg Decorations 3.jpg Decorations 4.jpg
Dining Room Trees 1 Dining Room Trees 2 Dining Room Trees 3
Dining Room Trees 1.jpg Dining Room Trees 2.jpg Dining Room Trees 3.jpg
Donatello's David in front of Main Guest House Egyptian Sculpture Facade 1
Donatello's David in front of Main Guest House.jpg Egyptian Sculpture.jpg Facade 1.jpg
Facade 2 Facade 3 Facade 4
Facade 2.jpg Facade 3.jpg Facade 4.jpg
Facade 5 Fountain Front Door Pool
Facade 5.jpg Fountain.jpg Front Door Pool.jpg
Garden 1 Garden 2 Greek Sculpture 1
Garden 1.jpg Garden 2.jpg Greek Sculpture 1.jpg
Greek Sculpture 10.pg Greek Sculpture 11.pg Greek Sculpture 12.pg
Greek Sculpture 10.pg.jpg Greek Sculpture 11.pg.jpg Greek Sculpture 12.pg.jpg