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Heidi Daley
Web Design:
The first part of web design is deciding on a name to call yourself. Together we can find an available name that suits your needs and we will decide on a design for your web page. We will define your page's purpose, target audience, create an outline of the content to be included, and decide on an overall look and layout. We will then provide drafts for you to review, critique and revise.

Maintenance and Updating:
Maybe you've already had a web page designed for you, but are finding it difficult to keep it current. We can assist you by making these updates for you.

Do you find that many of your visitors find it difficult to download the high resolution content of your site? We can assist you in decreasing the size of your web page without decreasing your content.

Part of having a page, is having a place to store it. It is not recommended to host the page on your own computer due to security needs, internet connection limitations, and computer dedication. For most, this option isn't a reasonable one. So we can host your web page for you or connect you with a viable alternative using an independent hosting company.

To view some examples of web pages that I have designed, follow the links below:

Connecticut Pianos

TransChem, Inc.

Key West Pianos

SafeCorr, Inc.

New York City Pianos

Art by Heidi

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